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John Kiefer is the author of Carb Nite Solution, a nutrition expert and exercise scientist. Kiefer applies the knowledge he has gathered from Physics career to hack the human frame for muscle gain, fat loss and performance enhancement. He is highly involved in helping people to build muscle and burn fat at the same time.

Kiefer claims to have been an overweight physicist and has been teased for it. He went on low carb, managed to lose weight but later slowed down. After a number of weeks without weight reduction, he was frustrated and ate dozens of doughnuts and the next day weight loss had started. Since he had not started on nutrition yet, he understood as a physicist both research and chemical reactions. Kiefer then spent decades pouring on thousands of weight loss researches, pulling all the details that really work as well as those that only “seem” to work. Through his research and chemistry knowledge, he created the Carb Nite Solution.

How the Carb Nite Solution works
Essentially, the user goes nine and a half days on 30 grams or less of carbs in what is known as ultra low carb. On the tenth day, preferably in the evening, the carb load is increased. Doughnuts, ice creams, pastas and anything the carb-hungry body craves is eaten. Next morning, you return to the ultra low carb although every week you will be getting another chance for a carb nite and you are the mandated to pick the day.

It is worth noting “carb nite” is not a night to cheat. The body is not being allowed to cheat because it is craving carbs. The secret to the Carb Nite Solution is in carb nite. This is the night insulin is spiked for 6-8 hours, keeping hormone levels within the fat burning zone. The night also makes sure the body is not running towards the fat reserved for energy to make muscle. In the process, the body will learn how to strip fat out of itself, maintain and build muscle as a result of the proteins eaten. The muscle mass one has is maintained while at the same time burning fat off the body. Also, nothing is off menu as far as it is high carb. Just save it for carb nite.

After the first few days of using the Carb Nite Solution, pounds will start falling off at first in what is mostly water weight. However, this is wonderful motivation to forge on with the plan as the body starts getting into the solution.
Following the plan as laid out exactly in the e-book will let you discover that after a carb nite of indulgence, you are leaner in just a week’s time. Week after another, you will see great results while at the same time enjoying the foods you love from time to time.

How exactly does this happen?
The Carb Nite Solution, as alleged by Kiefer, transforms your body into a fat burning machine by altering the levels of hormones in a unique way. Hormones that gain body fat are fast lowered into minimal levels. At the same time, hormones that accelerate fat loss increase to the level where even without exercising or engaging in strength training the body burns fat 24/7.

Carb Nite Solution also creates mishmash of hormone levels that kill fat cells, stripping body fat away, as far as you remain in the diet.